Songs by River City Craft Sodas – Good Until the Very Last Drop

Dec 16, 2020Events0 comments

River City Craft Soda Song

River City Craft Soda Song | upbeat sound bringing you happiness and cheer when you hear it | River City where the sky is bluer the Clouds are Whiter and the Breeze off the River keeps you Cooler!


  • Don’t you just miss the way Soda used to be
  • Old Fashioned Quality with a Sweet Taste that can’t be beat
  • River City Handcrafted Root Beer
  • This is my Ditty
  • Orange Cream Yeah
  • You are my Soda Pop Good until the very last Drop
  • Blueberry Lemonade and Ginger Beer
  • River City the way Soda Pop used to be


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Why River City Craft Soda

dance to it


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