River City Craft Soda – Our Brand Our Story

May 24, 2021Events0 comments

Our Craft Soda Story – Why and How

My husband Bob & I started by delivering soda pop in glass bottles by borrowing my Dads pickup and working out of our basement. We ended up distributing over 700 sodas and 60 root beers to customers all over Northern California.

In 2007 we decided to create our own root beer and after 2 years of attempts we finally came up with the current recipe. We wanted a flavor that would make the best root beer float you ever had and bring back the taste of bygone years when the clouds were whiter and the sky was bluer and the breeze off the river kept you cool. We hope we’ve accomplished that and made your day better!

In the years since, we’ve done the same with our ginger beer, orange cream and blueberry lemonade. Our goal is to let you step back and take a break out of your high tech rat race day and sit down and enjoy a Soda Pop the way it used to be made.

make a float and enjoy the story

listen to our jingle


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