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Sep 6, 2021Events, Reviews0 comments

Nugget Market recently released a blog post showing love to local manufacturers. We’re so excited to be part of the community and join together to celebrate Labor Day weekend!  If you love local and love great soda and making great floats read this. River City Craft Soda makes the best floats.

From Nugget Market:

At Nugget Markets, we love celebrating local producers who bring us delicious, high-quality products from our very own communities. This Labor Day weekend, float the day away with River City Soda, a local soda pop made the way soda should be!

Husband and wife team, Bob and Janet from Sacramento, have worked together to bring true classic sodas to market for over a decade. After a successful stint in the distribution business helping retailers sell their favorite specialty sodas all over Northern California, they decided to step out of their role as middleman and become the supplier themselves.

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