Best Root Beer Brand? Malibu Final Challenge

Apr 11, 2021Events, Reviews0 comments

Best Root Beer Brand ? Does River City Win the Final Challenge?

RIVER CITY ROOT BEER goes Head to Head with some of the Finest Root Beers Made on Earth.  The Malibu Root Beer Challenge.  River City puts it all on the line in this final challenge!

Our Competition

  • Bulldog Root Beer
  • A & W Root Beer
  • 365 Root Beer (Whole Foods Private label)
  • Ole Red Eye Root Beer
  • Blue Sky Root Beer

Kathy and Fireball painstakingly review River City Root Beer and several other challengers and  River City is overall Winner.  Indeed.

See  More Reviews by Fireball and Kathy

River City also proudly has recipes we’ve made and have eaten, LOL in the River City Soda Test Kitchen

 Root Beer Cake

 Root Beer Marinated Sliced Ribs 


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