What Root Beer Brand Makes the best float?

May 22, 2020Desserts, Recipes0 comments

What Root Beer Brand makes the Best Root Beer Float?

Carlin from the Root Beer Store in Sandy  Utah wanted to find out.  So he got 15 or so people a boat load of ice cream and started popping the tops on his 100 or so root beers that he stocks.

Carlin and his customers are root beer enthusiasts to put it mildly.  If you love root beer a trip to his store is a must.

How to make River City Root Beer  Floats 



  1. Scoop 2-3 scoops ice cream into tall glasses or beer mugs and firmly press  down.
  2. Fill glass with soda.
  3. Use a straw and long spoon.
  4. Enjoy.


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