Our Soda Pop Journey: From distribution of craft soda in Glass Bottles to creating Nostalgic Flavors

The Humble Beginnings

My husband Bob and I embarked on our soda pop adventure by delivering fizzy delights in classic glass bottles. Armed with my Dad’s pickup truck and working out of our basement, we distributed over 700 craft sodas and 60 craft root beers to customers across Northern California.

Creating Our Own Root Beer

In 2007, we decided to take things a step further. We wanted to craft a root beer that would evoke the flavors of bygone years—the kind that would make the best root beer float you’ve ever had. After 2 years of experimentation, we finally cracked the code and arrived at our current recipe.

A Taste of Nostalgia

Our goal was simple: to bring back the essence of days when the clouds were whiter, the sky bluer, and the breeze off the river kept you cool. We aimed to create a flavor that would transport you to a simpler time, where sitting down with a soda pop was a cherished moment.

Expanding Our Repertoire

But we didn’t stop at root beer. Over the years, we’ve extended our nostalgic offerings to include other delightful flavors:

A Break from the High-Tech Rat Race

Our mission remains unchanged: to let you step back, take a break from the hustle, and savor a soda pop the way it used to be made. So, whether you’re enjoying a root beer float or sipping on our other flavors, know that each bottle carries a piece of our soda pop journey—a taste of nostalgia in every fizzy sip! 🥤